The 7 Best Ways to Win More Freelance Work

James Duncan
July 15, 2021

    It is important to foster community especially in the creative field. But how do you set yourself apart from those who are gunning for the same job as you? How do you make sure you put yourself at the top of the ideal list of desirable workers?
    It’s absolutely imperative that you make yourself unique and think about how to kickstart your momentum in order to compete. Especially when approaching productions or clients with bigger budgets, you must improve the odds of you standing out in an industry which is saturated with ambitious, hard working individuals. These 7 top tips will give you an idea of how to give yourself the best chance in clinching the top jobs out there.

    1. Act quickly

    Quite simply, you must be the first out of the gate on any potential opportunity. Isolate the jobs you would like and use the technology available to you to set up notifications that will prompt you whenever there is a new opening. Make sure your CV is regularly updated and create different versions of it tailored to any variation of role in production that you may encounter. If there are common themes that you often put in covering letters, have them ready in a template that you can quickly amend to fit the specific requirements of the job. Get in there early and show how eager you are to be a part of their project.

    2. Showcase your quality

    There is nothing better than demonstrating excellence in quality of work. Regardless of price, if you are able to show through your showreel, website or social media that your work is of the highest tier then clients and also peers will be approaching you at all sides. This is often proven through showing the amount of influence it has had on others, either through views or followers or direct accolades from competitions in festivals, so find appropriate awards and certifications and make sure you are submitting to win.

    3. Provide value for money

    Undercutting the industry is generally a bad idea for everyone involved – it drives down overall prices for jobs, meaning you and everyone else will be paid less. It makes the market less sustainable and means you will have to work more to get the same amount.

    However, there is a difference in providing a better value for the money that you are offered. Be sensible about your margins and union rates, but if you can provide an excellent job for a lower cost then clients are going to jump at the chance to use you. Or ask a normal amount but think of ways how to substantially improve on what you have been originally asked for.

    4. Fine your niche

    Part of making your brand is proving your unique selling point within the industry. Specialising in a specific area allows you to focus on bringing the highest quality work and makes you synonymous with that particular area. Always have an analytical mind about the work you take, what you really enjoy and how you can fold that back into your marketable self on your website and social media.

    5. Have a broad range of skills

    Whilst it might seem to be opposite of the previous tip, there are subtle differences which will make you an even greater asset to any video production. If you are able to provide more than just your job description, you are able to help support in much more than just your intended role. This makes you far more valuable and with your wider range of understanding in how the mechanics of the industry works means you can use this to communicate your value to a production more effectively.

    6. Communicate professionally

    There are thousands of freelancers out there of incredible quality, yet not all know how to communicate in a way that lands them jobs. Especially when working with you for the first time, productions will interview you often through Zoom or a phone call. Focus on your passion for filmmaking and the specific projects that are relevant to their work also as they will be looking for people who will do more than just turn up for the paycheck. There needs to be a personality behind the showreel!

    7. Have a passion project on the go

    There should always be a personal project in the works. Not only does this show your passion for your work, but it itself can be a paid job and far more gratifying than working for projects where you may have less say in the flow of ideas. Crowdfunding and sponsors can be a great way to support your personal endeavours especially if you have a close-knit crew that will work with you on a lower budget.

    Show off your strengths as a creative professional. Stand out from the crowd by providing much more than of what you are expected and so long as you are quick, persistent and communicate your value then there’s no reason why you won’t grab the opportunities you want. Good luck!